Deja Vu

Hey all! I know it has been a hot minute since I updated everyone last, our IVF journey did not quite start out as planned (more on that later). But I thought, what better time to write some things down than a day I’ve spent under general anesthesia and narcotics! 😂

Finally! We got things going today. I had my first of 3 procedures, this one hopefully the worst of them all. I had another pesky polyp removed from my uterus. As you may recall, I had this same surgery done back in June 🙄 Can anyone say, Deja Vu? Basically they put you to sleep, stick a camera up there, and start cutting at the extra tissue. Here are some not so attractive pictures to document this not so attractive journey we find ourselves on.

June 2019, pre surgery attempting to not look annoyed with my husband taking pictures of me in that hideous gown.
Today, post surgery/post anesthesia/post lots of meds 😂 💊
And this one for good measure to prove this dude has been by my side through it all. ❤️ #insicknessandinhealth

Everything went well, and I will go back to normal life tomorrow.

What else have we been up to, you might ask?! Well, our cycle started almost a week and a half later than it was supposed to unfortunately. I got so excited and ready to get started, and then Mother Nature decided to really play a cruel trick. TMI! But my period was late. And by late I mean by more than a week and a half. In came the “well maybe you’re pregnant, wouldn’t that be amazing!” comments….like I hadn’t already peed on multiple sticks with the same thought. But alas, I was not. Just another divine life lesson on patience and not having any control 🙄 This has never happened to me before, so it was a big let down in many ways as I was just ramping up and getting excited. I had to start yet ANOTHER medication to get it going, which took a few days. Docs think it may have been caused from the hormonal medications I was taking during our IUI cycles. Nevertheless, it was an unwelcome and difficult few days to get through.

Then came our coveted Day one. The day oral meds and real progress starts checking itself off the calendar. As I said before, this was close to 2 weeks past our expected date, so everything else is now pushed back as well. If everything else goes to plan, which I am no longer counting on as I now know nothing really ever has for us, we should be doing our egg retrieval the first week of December and embryo transfer the second week.

That puts the end of this crazy ordeal, wait for it………….

THE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS 🤭☃️❄️🎅🏻🎄 Please be praying for our Christmas miracle!

Other than that we are just working on our many oral medications at the moment. I will start taking my injectables in 2 weeks. My “party package” as I like to call it showed up last week with all the meds and equipment we will need for that phase of the process. The mess came in 2 large boxes and looked a little something like this—>

Shout out to my mother for the IVF gift basket she made me that had a gigantic medication organizer 🥰 It’s coming in handy!

I thought this was a very nice touch that was included in the box…

Who doesn’t love a free pen?!😂

Until next time friends!