Retrieval, Tour de Carbs, and fertilization!

Our egg retrieval was yesterday morning! Everything went really well other than I thought the procedure room was apparently ugly in my drug induced haze 😂 The nurse started an IV, got some fluids going, gave me some sedation meds, and the whole thing was done and over with in 20 minutes or so.

I’m really starting to figure out how to wear this hat well! 😂

I came to in the recovery chair where Aaron was waiting for me. Not long after that, they came to give us the results! The embryologist had counted SIX live eggs that were retrieved.

SIX! We hadn’t lost any in the process, and we were thrilled with that!

We knew leaving the office was going to be difficult. It would be the first of a few agonizing waits, while we anticipated a phone call to tell us how many successfully fertilized, transforming my eggs into EMBRYOS!

But, we had a plan! One we have talked about and plotted against for weeks now. I’ve mentioned before, but Aaron and I had cut out a huge portion of carbs from our diet to enhance the health of my eggs and his precious cargo. This means that we stopped eating pizza, pasta, dessert, anything processed, bread, and really what all is good in life.

So now that my eggs were out, and his job was done…we went on what I like to call…..our Tour De Carbs! 😂😂

We went straight from the clinic to B-Bops, where I enjoyed a wonderful double cheeseburger, fries, and a Dr. Pepper.

After that, it was definitely nap time. Don’t worry, we jumped right back in afterwards and wasted no time! Aaron made me my favorite pasta dish, shrimp Alfredo with some delicious garlic bread.

And then this….😂😂

The perfect punny ice cream cake from Cold Stone. I don’t know which was better, retrieving six eggs or my husband presenting me with the best cake pun I have ever received ❤️

With all of the distractions and running around yesterday, we made it through pretty well without worrying too much. This morning I woke up, and the anxiety started to creep back in.

Usually, only half of the eggs retrieved will fertilize. So waiting for a phone call today to hear the number was a little bit painful. That number was really going to determine how difficult the rest of the week is going to be as we wait for our final result of mature embryos on Saturday (which is the next time I will hear anything about them). I really had to catch myself a few times to take a deep breath, look up, and pray instead of getting caught in the fear circling inside of my head.

Then the news finally arrived around 2 this afternoon…


Praise God!!!!!!!! Even the nurse on the phone was quick to point out that this rarely happens. Just a little over a week ago, they told us to quit the cycle and try again, and now we have SIX EMBRYOS. Six living, growing, cells with Aaron and I’s DNA in them!

To say what today means to Aaron and I, I really don’t think is possible. We have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years now, but have never had a positive pregnancy test. As of today, him and I have created life together, even if they are swimming around in a Petri dish miles away from us. A miracle that we weren’t sure was possible for us, has now happened. And it may only just be the beginning.

There really is no better feeling ❤️

Tonight, I will start back up with injections to prepare my lining that will continue until 12 weeks of pregnancy if we are successful. Saturday morning, we will find out our final number of embryos. At 10 am, we will go in and they will transfer 1-2 back into my body after they have finished maturing. From there, it will be back to faith! There’s no guarantee that my little embabys will stick to my uterine wall. But for now, we are choosing to be so happy and grateful for the blessings we have received in such a short amount of time!

Love you all!


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