Things We Like To Do

We love to be outside and active! When we are at home, we are outside in our garden, playing with the dogs in the backyard, cooking on the grill or the fire pit, or heading to the park to play disc golf. When we have time, we find trails to hike or get out for a weekend of camping!

Even the cold weather doesn’t keep us inside! At least one of our yearly Colorado trips is usually in the Winter so we can get up to ski/snowboard and snow shoe.

One of our absolute favorite things to do together is travel! We try to plan at least one big trip a year. So far, we have visited Ireland, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, and St. Thomas together. We have talked on all of these trips about how excited we are to have kids so we can bring them along on these adventures! Aaron has dreamed of strapping his young kid in a pack on his back and taking them traveling and hiking with us.

When we are ready to wind down for the day, we almost always throw on the TV show, The Office. And Aaron is ready to find his Assistant to the Regional Manager!