Our Family

As you may have already read, Lisa is from Colorado and Aaron from Iowa. All of the family on Lisa’s side still lives in Colorado, and those on Aaron’s are in Iowa (most of them just a short drive away!). The fun thing about having family out of state is that we get to visit the beautiful state of Colorado about two or three times a year! Both families are starting to grow with new babies, and we expect that our kids will grow up with lots of cousins to play with! Everyone is SO supportive of our adoption, and they all can’t wait to meet their new family member!


Lisa’s Mom and Dad (Paul and Paula) live in Thornton, CO. They enjoy being outdoors and you can often find them camping or on the lake! Paul works in construction, and Paula is a dental assistant.

Aaron’s Mom and Step Dad (Barb and Kevin) live in Urbandale, Iowa. They recently put in a pool, so the family often meets up to hang out at their house! Barb teaches swim lessons and Kevin is a financial advisor.

Jim and Joy are Aaron’s Dad and Step-Mother. They enjoy camping, and are busy getting their daughter, Piper, to all of her different activities! Joy is a nurse, and Jim is a meat inspector for the state of Iowa.


Terry and Melissa are Lisa’s brother and sister-in-law. They recently had their first child, Brady, in January!

Dustin and Katelyn are Aaron’s brother and sister-in-law. Dustin is a manager of an auto shop, and Katelyn is a kindergarten teacher.

Kelsey is Aaron’s sister. She will be starting college this fall at Iowa State University to become a teacher!

Piper is Aarons younger sister. She is a talented young musician, and a smart young woman. We can’t wait to see where she goes in this world!