Our Pets

We have a few furry/feathery critters in our family! We have three dogs, and 7 chickens! Our dog’s names are Lily, Lou, and Winston. Lisa got Lily (dachshund) when she was 20 and she has been with her through thick and thin now for 10 years! We adopted Lou (beagle mix) as a puppy together before we got married and he is now 4 years old. We adopted Winston (dachshund) in his senior years, and he came from an abusive background. He has turned out to be quite the cuddler, but loves his naps more than anything.

We both like the idea of eating healthy, and eating home grown food when possible. We have had chickens for 3 years now because of that. One of our favorite things to do is end the day on the patio, watching them forage the yard for food. We hope they will teach our future children the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and also the responsibility of taking care of animals that produce food for you!

All of our pets have been around smaller and older children. The dogs have been around our newborn niece and were well behaved. We expect them all to become good friends (and cuddle buddies) as our children grow!

Lily, dachshund, 10 years old
Lou, beagle mix, 4 years old
Winston, dachshund, 10 years old